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JIMSCO is a company specializing in diesel injection pump calibration, nozzle reconditioning, common rail (CRDi) and automatic timer repair. The company also serve hydraulic hose and fitting, turbo assembly and repair kit.partsbrand

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Diesel Injection Pump Calibration

It is important that diesel pumps are tested as part of the diagnostic procedure on diesel vehicles, particularly when faced with combustion related problems. 

Diesel Nozzle Reconditioning

Jimsco has the wide range on reconditioning diesel injectors. The reconditioning is properly performed at the company’s premises. Jimsco will analyze first the nozzle seat depreciation before doing the nozzle reconditioning.

Automatic Timer Repair

To perform better combustion, it is important that the air and fuel in the engine are in timing when they are sent to the combustion chambers.

Common Rails (CRDi)

Common rail direct fuel injection is a modern alternative of direct fuel injection system for diesel engines.

and Others

  • Diesel Injector Repair 
  • Hydraulic Hose 
  • Fittings Turbo Assembly & Repair Kit

Injection Pump Calibration Specialist

Injection Pump Calibration Specialist

JIMSCO (Jimsco Calibration Center) is more than two decades harnessing the diesel injection pump calibration technique.

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JIMSCO Sister Companies

JIMSCO Sister Companies

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